A Flawless Drywall Repair

HOME REPAIR 11.11.15

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Fixing a hole in drywall is a great DIYer project, and it's a skill that every homeowner should master. There's more than one way to patch a medium-sized hole. However, this is the fail-proof method used by pro contractors.

1. Square the hole

2. Install a backer-board

3. Cut a new piece of drywall

4. Tape all the joints

5. Apply several coats of mud

6. Sand smooth

7. Prime and paint

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
  • Squaring the hole makes it easier to fit a new piece of drywall.
  • Slip a backer-board into the hole and hold it with a temporary screw.
  • Screw in the backer-board and a new piece of drywall. Countersink all the screws and cover the joints with tape.
  • Apply a few coats of patching compound, and when it's completely smooth, prime the repair.
  • In the end you can't even tell the wall was damaged.

To see more: http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/how-to-repair-medium-size-hole-in-drywall/

  • Joan Gondeck
    Joan Gondeck Austin, TX
    We do pretty good at patching the hole, I just don't get the texture like the old.
  • Move Masters
    Move Masters Newport Beach, CA
    Well this refillment can be applicable for a smaller hole, where it can give result truly satisfying, but if the hole is bigger & much more bolder then it is better to hire a mason to do the repair work properly.
  • Suzanne Stoltz
    Suzanne Stoltz Humble, TX
    When we were switching our ceiling fans from swagged connections, the handyman and electrician cut the drywall holes at slants. That made it much easier to plug them back into the ceiling and walls. Still needed backer boards on some holes, but the
  • Kala Professional Restoration services
    Thanks for great project you have shared with us.Water damage and stains on drywall are usually the result ofa leaky roof or plumbing fixture. Water damage will cause a stain to appear on the drywall. This is usually the first sign of a problem. Painting
  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore West Jordan, UT
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