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A Flawless Drywall Repair

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Fixing a hole in drywall is a great DIYer project, and it's a skill that every homeowner should master. There's more than one way to patch a medium-sized hole. However, this is the fail-proof method used by pro contractors.
1. Square the hole
2. Install a backer-board
3. Cut a new piece of drywall
4. Tape all the joints
5. Apply several coats of mud
6. Sand smooth
7. Prime and paint
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/how-to-repair-medium-size-hole-in-drywall/

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  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore West Jordan, UT

    Wow, this was really helpful! I had no idea it was so easy. That looks just like new! I definitely have a few spots in my house I'll have to try this on. Thanks so much for sharing! http://mikesdrywallservice.com/services.htm

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Canada

    Great tutorial ... thanks for posting it. I am in the process of renovating a tired condo and your tutorial is exactly what I needed.

  • Lori Andrews
    Lori Andrews Gadsden, AL

    Thanks for the tip knew I'd have to replace myself

  • Brian
    Brian Manassas, VA

    I like to cut the square plug first and then trace it over the hole.

  • Paul M
    Paul M Fairburn, GA

    In that application the fiber tape will work fine but I found out the hard way that the fiber tape is very limited in what it can do and provide a good backing. The paper tape more closely aligns with the sheet rock and is a better substrate for the

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