Repairing Woodpecker Damage to a Porch's Cedar Clad Beams & Posts

The woodpeckers were having a field day drilling into the wood of this back porch. The new repairs have made the porch beautiful again and will hopefully deter the woodpeckers. Click on the link to see more photos, and how the repairs were made.

To see more: http://betteroutdoorlivingathome.com/outdoorliving/2013/01/repairing-woodpecker-damage-to-a-porchs-cedar-clad-beams-posts/

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  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Was there some sort of insect issue that attracted the woodpeckers in the first place?
  • Hi Douglas Hunt! Don't think there was an insect issue...damage occurred over a few years...it mostly looked like they were creating an opening for nesting.
  • John Leesch Alexandria, MN
    How do you get woodpeckers to leave your home alone?
  • Hi John Leesch - I'm guessing it's a matter of trying different things. I recently saw a homeowner hang strips of shiny mylar from shutters, and another homeowner hung ribbon from windows,
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