I would like any ideas on what to do with left over thick glass tile squares?

And also can you put these on the 'floor'? in a non- high traffic area? Or even in an outdoor area? ALSO>>> I just moved back into my once upon a time 'dream home'.... renters have done $16,000 worth of damage! I am crushed! Thank goodness me and my boys are pretty good DIYers... but I need some help here folks! I need to be pulling some cheap tricks/ideas out of somebody's DIY bag to able to get this place back into shape. :-)

  • DeDe @ Designed Decor
    Cut a whole in them and use them as a vases. Use them as decorative lights. Use as a flower bed boarder. Use them as a riser for a glass top. Bookends on a shelf.
  • Brenda
    Brenda Shamrock, TX
    I used mine underneath a old cabinet and made a bar out of it,run lights in it two bar stools and you got it.
  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H Pittston, PA
    Renters can be wonderful or awful. After our last experience we sold ours- too expensive doing repairs after each tenant. We had to spruce things up quite a bit to sell, including a new kitchen floor (even the underlay was ruined.
    • Sherrie
      Sherrie Nixa, MO
      I have a cleaning company and we mainly do rentals. If you need any help with cleaners and how to get it clean let me do. I do know shortcuts. And what does and doesn't work. My last own rental I gave up on. As cleaning goes a lot of renters trash
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    More pictures of your house would be helpful. We are full of ideas.:)
  • Susan Bechamp
    Susan Bechamp West Branch, MI
    When we enclosed the back porch of our first home we used glass block tiles at the sidewalls to bring in a lot of light and give some privacy from the neighbors. They can also be used as transoms over the doors if you have the room.
Cheri Hooper