Awesome Remodels 03.29.14

Felt flower valentine wreath

Wrap the heart foam with felt fabric... Then cut 5 inch felt squares, I did 4 at a time in order speed up the process. Draw a haphazard swirl on the square and cut it out the swirl. Take the end section (not the curly cue on top) and start rolling When you get to the end, put some glue on the bottom and place that curly cue on the bottom of the flower and repeat this to make at least 25 flowers. At this point, I put on a movie and just started rolling! This part gets a bit mundane, but it will be beautiful at the end. I put three rows of roses to make it look nice and full. Have fun!


To see more: http://sheerserendipity2.blogspot.com/2013/01/sweet-valentine.html

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  • I love the look of these flowers! Truly beautiful!
  • Darling R Lopez San Antonio, TX
    How do you pin the roses on the heart?
  • Amy Ozenberger-Vohl Saint Joseph, MO
    Darling R Lopez, She hot glued them. Go to her link : http://sheerserendipity2.blogspot.com/2013/0...
  • Sheer Serendipity Rockaway Park, NY
    Thanks for Amy for responding... Yes, Darling R. Lopez, I hot glued them. Pretty simple project with nice results!
  • Darling R Lopez San Antonio, TX
    Thank you Amy and Sheer... I loved this heart, I'm going to attempt it this week :)