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storage 06.10.15

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Sure using baskets and papered boxes complete with fancy chalkboard labels is cute but does the food actually get eaten? I stick to a much simpler way of moving dry goods off my shelves.
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  • Dee @
    When I looked at the weather here vs there today Steve - I was tempted to hop a plane. I'm not an anything sports fan, Becky. I'm originally from the Chicago area & living right on the border it can get ugly so I tend to avoid bars and church if either
  • .
    . Albert, OK
    LOL Oh I can imagine how that is Dee. My hubby's youngest sister is a huge Packer fan and her hubby is a huge Bears fan. They've been married close to thirty years and still neither has turned the other to their side.
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Dee, I hear you. I love going to the grocery store or the science museum during Broncos games (as I write this, I think the Superbowl is happening). I have the place to myself.
  • Becky (J) P
    Becky (J) P Highland, IL
    wow, even I, who HATES sports, watched the Superbowl! That is, until Downton Abbey came on.
  • .
    . Albert, OK
    I bet you just watched it for the commercials though, right ? I didn't watch it all, but when I was paying attention it was mostly the commercials. Though I did catch a couple awesome touch downs.
Dee @

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