Awesome Remodels 03.11.14

Found some really neat drawers that came out of dresser. Dresser is missing. Purchased 3 gorgeous drawers and need ideas

I found these beautiful drawers (no clean-up or touch up needed) perfect condition.

For some reason, I couldn't walk away. Just one of those pieces that screamed "take me home" So cheap I couldn't resist. The top two are the same but the bottom drawer is deeper. The photos show them stacked against my bedroom wall. These can be anything from storage to plant container. I really love the shabby chic and can see a plant in the top. Really....... need some ideas for support and decorating. Probably do second one full of magazines. Thanks for looking.

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  • Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE
    Sherry, I just saw some window boxes made from old drawers on Pinterest. Here's the web link http://tatertotsandjello.com/2012/09/great-i...
  • I think they look really cool hanging on the wall for shelves. They make really good under bed storage too...but these are way to pretty for that! If they are all the same size...you could build a custom book shelf just especially for them! :)
  • Judith F Wills Point, TX
    Saw a new post this morning, from hometalk on this very thing.
  • The Robin's Nest Warner Robins, GA
    If you can find any old french provincial style table legs you could make a neat table with a few of them, maybe even a tiered table using 2 drawers stacked/staggered and separated by spindles. Maybe a serving tray or buffet table tray from the smaller
  • Claire @ The Rustic Pig Spring Branch, TX
    Check out my project I did with drawers from a dresser we couldn't salvage either...http://www.therusticpig.com/2013/01/17/something-old-something-new-part-2/
  • Claire @ The Rustic Pig Spring Branch, TX
    Here it is on Hometalk if that's easier.. http://www.hometalk.com/858517/a-new-use-for...
  • If you are a crafter or sewer you could put different items pertaining to one project in each drawer, then tote the drawer to your work area to start your project, when done load you items back and stack with the other two. Might make incredibly sweet
  • I like the idea of using them for storage and shelving. You could put hinged covers on the drawers so that they could be used for storage and the cover will act as a shelf for displays. They could be hung as floating shelves on the wall.
  • Marie Powell San Angelo, TX
    you can put casters on them and use them for storage under your bed
  • love the window box idea - or you could make a dog bed from one
  • Sherry R Lubbock, TX
    I love all the ideas especially storage. I live in 60 yr. old house with very little built in

    storage. I have lots of extra towels, magazines and wanted a place with easy access.

  • Sherry R Lubbock, TX
    These new photos show the room "AFTER" the

  • Cheryl Sinclair Franklin, KS
    Build a frame for the bottom of the drawer. Find some frenchy looking legs (Home Depot), attach them to the frame, paint to match the drawer, purchase foam and upholster for a cute, cute bench!! I've been looking for drawers to do this exact thing! Be
  • Patricia Brining Ellenton, FL
    These would be great with roller on them for under bed storage!
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