Found some really neat drawers that came out of dresser. Dresser is missing. Purchased 3 gorgeous drawers and need ideas

22 hours ago
I found these beautiful drawers (no clean-up or touch up needed) perfect condition.

For some reason, I couldn't walk away. Just one of those pieces that screamed "take me home" So cheap I couldn't resist. The top two are the same but the bottom drawer is deeper. The photos show them stacked against my bedroom wall. These can be anything from storage to plant container. I really love the shabby chic and can see a plant in the top. Really....... need some ideas for support and decorating. Probably do second one full of magazines. Thanks for looking.

  • Sue Sanders
    Sue Sanders Broken Arrow, OK
    My husband took a drawer made a frame for it and added necessary gliders and put a top on it. Then bought two legs at Lowe's and fastened this to the front of drawer then fastened the back of drawer to the wall (no back legs) I purchased a, square on
  • Colleen
    Colleen Canada
    I also thought of a pet bed...would be awesome!
  • Sue Sanders
    Sue Sanders Broken Arrow, OK
    If I can get my daughter to show me how...I will. Not that computer literate...yet.
  • Vicki Pemberton
    Vicki Pemberton Harriman, TN
    I've also seen a bookcase made from them
  • Beverly Shorter
    Beverly Shorter Fort Worth, TX
    I have the full dresser /chest with the same drawers. Need to post a pic here for ideas!!
Sherry R

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