Chalk Paint or Milk Paint? What's the difference

Bed ideas 05.11.16
I love the different looks you can get from using milk paint and chalk paint. Great thing they are so easy to use but do you need to sand or strip? Both paints give amazing paint finishes; chalk paint finishes are a little consistent, whereas milk paint can be less predictable. So many questions and the answers are so easy.
For instructions on how to use chalkpaint or milkpaint and how to get these looks - visit the blog post here.. you'll know which paint is the best for you..
Difficulty: Moderate
This professional kitchen is a combination of chalk paint and dark wax. You can easily copy this look if you have time and patience. A good quality chalk paint and wax will be more enduring and look better.
Here is a variety of chalk paint and milk paints. The distressed red dresser is in milk paint. It has that aged chippy effect.
Aging furniture is easy with milk paint and chalk paint. Distress and wax to finish it off.

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