Mod podgeing photos to wood.

crafts 07.17.15
I followed a link on Pinterest to transfer laserjet printed pictures to a block of wood but when I tried to wipe off the paper from the back of the picture, after it set, a lot of the color came off too. Does anyone know how much gel medium to use to set it to the wood..I only coated the wood.

Here is the site to view the video...

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    . Albert, OK
    Thank you Gina Little. I've done this in the past, but on clothing and used a product that was made just for transferring photos. It was probably the same as the gel medium, they
  • Gina Little
    Gina Little Raeford, NC
    Becky, thank you so much....
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    . Albert, OK
    You're welcome Gina.
  • Sharron W
    Sharron W Memphis, TN
    Ok Gina, this is how I do it...I find an image I like...print it and then take it to Kinko's/fedex and have them Xerox it. The laser Toner is more stable and easier to work IS technically possible to do it with inkjet, but since the ink is
  • Gina Little
    Gina Little Raeford, NC
    Sharon, thank you very much.
Gina Little
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