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Storing Sheets in Pillowcases

Is it worth it? Trying to be like Martha Stewart, I mean? Clean house, amazing food, super organized, nifty crafts accomplished. The truth is, it is out of my reach. And I am okay with it. I have a friend who taught me a wonderful phrase. When you notice something about yourself that is not so hot, just remind yourself, I am good at other things. But when I see ideas like this from Martha's website, I wonder if that one, just that one, might be possible for me. I found it. This is the one. This is an idea that is doable and worth it.
Time: 5 Minutes Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.madefrompinterest.net/2013/01/27/store-sheets-in-pillow-cases/

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  • Helen Syme
    Helen Syme Mesquite, TX

    I have done this for several years and love it!! Easy too and its all together.

  • Michael Maloney
    Michael Maloney Australia

    This idea is really practical. It keeps all the matching covers together in a set and you do not have to go with mismatched pillow and sheets anymore. Currently I am using some large clear plastic bags for my sheets storage which I find quite

  • Rosey
    Rosey Moorefield, WV

    What a great idea and just in time. I've been thinking about going through the linen cupboard where it's all falling over and reorganizing. Thanks so much!

  • Helene Savicki
    Helene Savicki Dennis, MA

    I have been storing my linens this way for nearly ten years...just remember to keep rotating the selection because they get a little musty otherwise!

  • Laura Nolan
    Laura Nolan Lake Worth, FL

    I think every little thing helps! We didn't become Slobs over night lol I mean unorganized lol so as the saying goes Rome wasn't built in a day and although we may never be Martha although I dream about it,nothing worth having or lasting comes

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