Cheap and Easy Trick for Cleaning a Smooth Stovetop

Here's a simple way to clean a smooth stovetop using baking soda and a wet soapy towel. I've done this several times and it really does work!


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  • Robyn Farwell
    Robyn Farwell West Lebanon, NH
    Link won't open
  • Paula A
    Paula A Prattsburgh, NY
    Looks to me like you take a kitchen towel and put it hot water-squeeze it out.--put baking soda on the stove top and then put the towel over it and let it set for say 15 -- 20 minutes after that just scrub with towel and should come clean.
  • Bev @ The Make Your Own Zone
    I tested the link and it opened for me. Perhaps my server was having problems this afternoon. Hopefully any problem is now resolved and the link should open.
  • Suzette Hagen
    Suzette Hagen Richmond, VA
    This is for Linda M. Believe it or not...... for baked on "stuff" on your stove, you use a single edge razor blade. ( not an old one, it will scratch) when I bought my stove, that's what the book said. I have never had a problem, or scratches. The baked
    • Susan M
      Susan M Southaven, MS
      I also use a single edge razor blade for baked on food
  • Linda M
    Linda M Rosenberg, TX
    Thanks, all, about the razor blade - will try. However, I think mine are in the stages of Suzette's evaluation--"the baked on tuff will get worse, the more you cook on it!"
    • Candace P
      Candace P Emmett, ID
      Linda M Just make sure when you use the razor you have it flat and go back and forth in a straight line. I found a cheap razor holder at the dollar store that I use. When I first
  • Linda M
    Linda M Rosenberg, TX
    The single-edged razor blade worked like a charm, Concetta!! I was standing there FOREVER, but it finally chipped off (esp. after the baking soda soak). I'll try the 409 maintenance also along with the blade too. Thanks.
  • Alina
    Alina Saint Petersburg, FL
  • Alina
    Alina Saint Petersburg, FL
    Click on terry Ts link ;)
  • Concetta Vidrine
    Concetta Vidrine Lafayette, LA
    @Linda M. I also use the creams made for this type stove..It gives a layer of protection.
  • Lena D
    Lena D Port Huron, MI
    Have used the creams, the razor blade trick, the baking soda, etc etc. New stovetop was crap from the very start...4 sisters/friends just use hot soapy water on theirs and theirs clean up fine/ newlike/shiney!.
  • Susan E
    Susan E Pollock Pines, CA
    I have the same stove, too. I have been using Mr. Clean white sponges, but I like this idea much better. Will try next time! Thanks so much.
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Lebanon, MO
    Windex works great.....
  • Mari Dots
    Mari Dots Terrell, TX
    I read on here a long time ago about using baking soda and peroxide as a cleaning agent. I changed it around a little bit.. I added salt to be the abrasive, I pour a little salt on the stove, add some baking soda and water enough to make a paste then get
  • Penny S
    Penny S Littleton, CO
    For those who know Pampered Chef, the scraper that comes with all the stoneware works like a charm, and way safer than a razor blade, to scrape off baked-on gunk!
  • Juanita Nickerson
    I use oven cleaner.Whipe it off good Works great. Then I use the white cream to clean it
Bev @ The Make Your Own Zone