Cheap and Easy Trick for Cleaning a Smooth Stovetop

cleaning tips 01.25.16
Here's a simple way to clean a smooth stovetop using baking soda and a wet soapy towel. I've done this several times and it really does work!


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  • Fawn weed
    Fawn weed Gaithersburg, MD
    Would like to know how to clean stove top can not open the link
  • Hughena M
    Hughena M Canada
    Sorry, just noticed the directions. Thank you.
  • Jeanine C
    Jeanine C Watertown, NY
    The link isn't working......
  • Hughena M
    Hughena M Canada
    Having a problem connecting to the page for directions. Please someone post them!
  • Granite by Design
    Granite by Design Atlanta, GA
    It will not connect to page to show directions. Can someone post them please?
  • Linda M
    Linda M Rosenberg, TX
    My question is: I already have baked on "rings" around the burners. Will I need to do this several times, or are those rings there forever? Is there a safe "scratcher" to remove them after the baking soda?
  • Linda M
    Linda M Rosenberg, TX
    Make warm, soapy water in sink. Soak a cloth dish towel in the soapy water. Sprinkle soda on stove top. Wring out towel so it's wet but not "drippy" wet. Lay across "soda-soaked" stove top, set timer for 15 min. Use same dish towel to wipe up--may need
  • Teresa Meyer
    Teresa Meyer Tecumseh, NE
    Join HomeTalk and will be able to open the link.
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    I've sent her an email - hopefully it will be fixed shortly.
  • Terry T
    Terry T Arcanum, OH
    Looks like the whole site is down. Tried to go to and it wouldn't open.
  • Pat
    Pat Gwinn, MI
    Can't open the link, either. Please help!
  • Terry T
    Terry T Arcanum, OH
    I can't open the link either - but she has the same stove I do!! lol
  • Stacey Kaylor Butcher
    Stacey Kaylor Butcher Port Deposit, MD
    BOO! The link is now broken!! Wish I could see what to do! I hope someone fixes that link!
  • Debbie Stamper
    Debbie Stamper Warrenton, VA
    Neither can I :(
  • Robyn R
    Robyn R Winnsboro, TX
    Me either
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