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  • Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    I rarely have more than one burner from boil over's and I just use my dish cloth and pour some hot water over the rag and let it sit or use my old scraper. Does NOT hurt my stove, but with in seconds my stove top is clean. EASY!
  • The link worked for me. I have the exact same stove! :) For those of you that the link won't open......

    Here's how to do it:1. Fill your kitchen sink with warm soapy water. Put your dish towel in the soapy water and get it

  • Renee Olson Viroqua, WI
    link won't work for me is there another site?
  • Beth T Calais, ME
  • Michaela Jacksonville, FL
    The link just took a long time to open.... You soak a dish cloth in hot, soapy water. Sprinkle stove top with baking soda (heavier where needed) Wring out dishcloth and place it on cook top - leave for 15 minutes and wipe off. You may need to rinse
  • Robyn Farwell West Lebanon, NH
    Link won't open
  • Paula A Prattsburgh, NY
    Looks to me like you take a kitchen towel and put it hot water-squeeze it out.--put baking soda on the stove top and then put the towel over it and let it set for say 15 -- 20 minutes after that just scrub with towel and should come clean.
  • I tested the link and it opened for me. Perhaps my server was having problems this afternoon. Hopefully any problem is now resolved and the link should open.
  • Suzette Hagen Richmond, VA
    This is for Linda M. Believe it or not...... for baked on "stuff" on your stove, you use a single edge razor blade. ( not an old one, it will scratch) when I bought my stove, that's what the book said. I have never had a problem, or scratches. The baked
  • Linda M Rosenberg, TX
    Thanks, all, about the razor blade - will try. However, I think mine are in the stages of Suzette's evaluation--"the baked on tuff will get worse, the more you cook on it!"
  • Linda M Rosenberg, TX
    The single-edged razor blade worked like a charm, Concetta!! I was standing there FOREVER, but it finally chipped off (esp. after the baking soda soak). I'll try the 409 maintenance also along with the blade too. Thanks.
  • Alina Saint Petersburg, FL
  • Alina Saint Petersburg, FL
    Click on terry Ts link ;)
  • Concetta Vidrine Lafayette, LA
    @Linda M. I also use the creams made for this type stove..It gives a layer of protection.
  • Lena D Port Huron, MI
    Have used the creams, the razor blade trick, the baking soda, etc etc. New stovetop was crap from the very start...4 sisters/friends just use hot soapy water on theirs and theirs clean up fine/ newlike/shiney!.