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From Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan!

I found this little gem in an attic at an estate sale. Sitting there all by itself looking to get rescued.
This is my first rejuvenation project, thru the process I began to get this feeling that I was actually doing a great job. I took a great piece of art someone made by hand years ago maybe even before I was born and turned it into a new generation piece by giving it a little love. I had a great time doing this project.
Time: 6 Hours Cost: $25 Difficulty: Easy
after a little sanding i discovered that she had not one nail holding it together... only 4 screws that held the seat.
I sanded then stained it with a white wash stain.
Seal coated it with a clear coat of polyurethane.
I had this great upholstery fabric I purchased from a garage sale...
and VOILA ... she has new life and purpose again.

Ask the creator about this project

  • TheresaBoots
    TheresaBoots New Castle, PA
    on Jun 28, 2015

    Beautiful!! I love stuff like this!!

  • Trixie63
    Trixie63 Waverly, OH
    on Jun 28, 2015

    I have a vanity seat exactly like this. Now I know what to do with it. I hope it turns out as well as yours!

  • Donna Gill
    Donna Gill North Charleston, SC
    on Jun 29, 2015

    Very nice! Great job, especially for a first timer!

  • Bobbie
    Bobbie Bismarck, ND
    on Jun 29, 2015

    Great transformation!!!!!

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Jun 29, 2015

    Great save!

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