Antique Sewing Machine Makeover

Well, I think we all have at least one. I have two and another being promised to me. My mom's side of the family were the creative ones and their sewing machines were kept, passed down, and treasured. Until me. It is time for an Antique Sewing Machine Makeover! I've been hiding that thing for 20 years and the hubby has threatened to throw it away on numerous occasions. Only room for one in the attic. During all the construction it got used as a work bench and a paint station. We were nearing Christmas and my son coming in from the Marines we rushed to put the house back to some sort of order. I was left with an extra piece to the puzzle and no place to fit in. Kind of felt sorry for it. It was time..something even if it was minor had to give it the ReLove it deserved. After all Aunt Rosie Saved up for a year to buy it. I could at least show it the respect it deserved.

I didn't have time to makeover the iron legs and I will get to caring for the rest of this soon but for now it says " I'm ReLoved" Aunt Rosie would be proud and I'll always look at it and chuckle about her stepping in the paint bucket when I was little.

I painted the top with Two coats of Raven Fat Paint. No sanding no priming. Let dry for about 2 hours. I then used a French Script

Time: 2 Hours Cost: $30.00 Difficulty: Moderate
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  • Shab 2 Fab Very nice update - makesme wish I had one of these lying around the house. It looks very classy Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    That is quite a treasure. Well done!
  • Shabby Paints Springfield, TN
    Thanks :)
  • Karen Klager Depew, NY
    My husband & I just bought a Singer Sewing base. He put it together & I spray painted (except where there was some original goldish brown paint) & now we are waiting for the piece of wood we purchased to finish drying after staining & polyurethaning. I
  • Shabby Paints Springfield, TN
    I love the bases. I have a slab of granite left over from the kitchen remodel..that would be nice. hmmm :)
  • this is soooo gorgeous!!!! well done. What is FAT paint? I have never heard of that..sounds interesting!! great work and your Auntie would be proud...I am!!
  • Love this. I have one that needs a make over!
  • Shabby Paints Springfield, TN
    Pam Perkins Zirbel Fat Paint is a new line of Chalk Paint. I just started selling it. No Sanding no priming. Very thick and easy to use. I Love it!
  • Hey Shab2Fab! With that FAT paint, should it or could it be clear coated to make it shiny if you wanted to?! I know it is 'chalkboard' paint and to be able to write on it, oh crud...never mind!! That is the 'reason' for that paint! Duhhh!!!! :)
  • Shabby Paints Springfield, TN
    Pam, Yes. After your paint dries you use Fat Wax to protect it and the more you buff the shinier your results will be. You can use a water based poly for even more shine. You can make a Chalkboard with it but its really different than chalkboard paint.