How to Easily Clean grimy Vinyl Floors!

My Vinyl floors had gotten so grimy over the years, that I thought I was going to have to replace them. Then I found out about a neat tip, that got them sparkling clean and it was so easy! I used a cleaning product that most people probably already have, but not one made for floors! Want to know what it is? It's Scrubbing Bubbles! I have the full details on my blog.

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  • Renn Claypool
    Thanks for the tip! I am definitely going to try this on our bathroom vinyl!
  • Sharon
    Sharon Canada
    Try arm & hammer scrub free. Contains bleach, works great on kitchen cabinets, greasy stoves, countertops, have to try it on the floor. It's non aerosol.
  • Nita O
    Nita O Ridgeley, WV
    my teen uses the bathroom cleaner on the floors, the foam that goes on purple and turns white when ready to be cleaned up. it's great!
  • Sally M.
    Sally M. Agawam, MA
    Thanks Karen - I am going to try this tomorrow. When we moved into our home...the kitchen floor had large grey area's where they had a computer desk and also a harvest table
  • Becky Y
    Becky Y Yamhill, OR
    I tried this with no results. Never will I buy while vinyl again.
    • Dbdoeschem
      Dbdoeschem Pullman, WA
      Becky Y Try an armstrong floor cleaner called "Once and Done". Apply it straight in a 3'x3' section, let it sit for ~5 min, take a scrub brush (or your hand in a rubber glove) and
  • Lisa P
    Lisa P Maryville, IL
    Scrubbing bubbles is great for hair spray build up on your bathroom floor. Open the windows and after it's clean I would give go over it with just water a few times to remove odor.
  • Candy
    Candy Sandy, UT
    I use a grocery bottom box to store my clean ing products under the sink; u know the kind the cut 2" high? it's movable and free to replace!
  • Mary  Law
    Mary Law Villa Rica, GA
    I vacuum up the loose stuff, then go over it with the Shark Steam mop. Amazing!
  • Jackie Prim
    Jackie Prim Stillwater, NJ
    I used SB and a steam mop.My nasty black and white soft tile are perfectly clean.
  • Georgia Beardsley
    Georgia Beardsley Raleigh, NC
    I have linoleum but I suppose it will work the same. Will try it!
  • Carol Merchant
    Carol Merchant Lebanon, OH
    I use Once and Done and a magic eraser on my black and white vinyl floor.Works great!
  • Karen - The Graphics Fairy
    Hi Georgia Beardsley I haven't tried it on real linoleum. Let us know if it works for you!
  • Ronnie
    Ronnie Pittsburgh, PA
    WD 40 is an excellent way to remove any stubborn build up. WD 40 is basically fish oil.
  • Linda Schovanec
    Linda Schovanec Dakota City, NE
    Just used it to clean my mini blinds...worked great
  • Capernius
    Capernius Laporte, IN
    This is a good idea if you do not mind the chemicals being in your home...

    And I'll admit to this being a great time & energy saver...

Karen - The Graphics Fairy