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  • Sandra Johnson Islip, NY
    are the cabinets painted too? are they real wood? looking to paint my press board cabinets and they look very similar to those- it looks amazing I can't wait to try it
  • Hi Sandra Johnson the cabinets were a oak color and they were stained the cherry by the previous owners of the house! But take a look at Giani Granites site, they sell a cabinet paint that I have heard works wonders!
  • Monica Koch South Wayne, WI
    Would never have guessed the cabiets were painted. They are gorgeous!!
  • Thank you Monica Koch
  • Lisa Angel Santa Rosa Beach, FL
    I want to try this so bad but I am scared I will mess it up and make the counters look worse than they are now...lol. I am working up my nerve.
  • I think this is too cool! I didn't even know this could be done! great!
  • Lisa Angel work that nerve up! Really... I was scared too honestly! But I am so thrilled at the results, and truly you can't "mess" them up..just keep adding paint until you get the look you
  • Lisa Angel Santa Rosa Beach, FL
    Four Marrs & One Venus, thanks. I hope I get up the nerve to do it. I will certainly take pics if I do. =)