Sensible Style: 10 Small Kitchen Tips

Thanks to a Twitter friend, we were turned on to this article with some pretty great, and easily applied design tips for small kitchens. Many of these ideas we apply to AK kitchens of ALL sizes - things such as custom cabinetry (shelving & roll-outs) and playing with color and contrasting elements.

Check out Part One: How to maximize your storage capacity & Part Two: How to make a small kitchen look great -

( These images will give you the first 3 tips! )

  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    I need all of these fantastic tips! I have already started on a couple of the easy ones, but need to find a good contractor for others that are beyond my scope.
  • AK Complete Home Renovations
    You're right, Terri J - They might not all be DIY projects, but a good list of ideas! Thanks for 'tuning in' to our posts! =)
  • Dawn
    Dawn Andover, MN
    These storage ideas are inexpensive and can provide for much needed space in my kitchen.
  • AK Complete Home Renovations
    Thanks Dawn! They are relatively easy & inexpensive when compared to a total renovation! =)
  • Kelly Miller
    Kelly Miller Santa Ana, CA
    Great post...And good ideas .
  • Josephine Morningstar
    Josephine Morningstar Wilmington, MA
    How about some storage ideas for pans and dry goods when you dont have cabinets, and limited counter space in an apt? cant exactly change the cabinets cause they are not mine. I have no cabinets under the counter, and only 2 shallow ones above. apt
  • Carrie R
    Carrie R Virginia Beach, VA
    Am I missing something it says 10 tips but I only see 3 and I don't see any link for it. So can I get a little help?
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