Barn Wood Shelves

Decor Ideas 3 days ago
Using barn wood and brackets that I stained and painted from Home Depot, I created a spot in my kitchen to display my ironstone collection. I think the dark color of the barn wood and the creamy white of the ironstone go together so beautifully!

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  • Betty Jean Roberts
    Betty Jean Roberts Fort Lauderdale, FL
    I like this.Because i really like country.
  • Sandy Angel
    Sandy Angel Richmond, MI
    You did a fabulous job!
  • Jay
    Jay India
    Love it!
  • Jill Birt
    Jill Birt Urbana, OH
    I think it is fantastic! Kinda rustic shabby chic country and with your ironstone I would say even a little flair of French country! Great job!
  • Schatzie Moore
    Schatzie Moore Hawk Point, MO
    What caught my eye is obviously the ironstone, also my favorite! The country shelves just make it more noticeable - Thanks for sharing Shabby Love - Melissa !
Shabby Love - Melissa