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Brass & Bronze

How do you feel about Brass and Bronze. Seems like Brass is making a comeback in a huge way. Did you hang on to all of yours, or did you get rid of it. I still have most of mine and two things that I especially love are my brass lamps. Click here to read more - - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/01/brass-and-bronze.html
  • brass amp bronze, home decor, lighting

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  • Barb Rosen
    Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE

    Marty. the older home we bought five years ago has brass everywhere ~ doorknobs, light fixtures, hinges, door and drawer pulls, bathroom fixtures, you name it! Because it would cost a fortune to replace - we have decided to "embrace our brass" !!

  • HomeSpot HQ
    HomeSpot HQ Durham, NC

    I really like brass door knobs and fixtures in old craftsmen homes.

  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA

    I never got rid of my brass! I love it. I had to get new lamps in the living room a couple of years ago and actually bought brass! I put in brass door knobs and bathroom fixtures...expensive lifetime guaranteed ones and they are staying. Glad to

  • Melisa Gingrich
    Melisa Gingrich Frisco, TX

    I painted all my brass! Lamps, doorknobs, light fixtures, etc. everything has held up nicely but it's all in the prep and the finishes.

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