Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I am preparing to do a backsplash on my kitchen, and these are some pictures I found of backsplashes that I love to inspire me. Maybe they will inspire you as well! Click the link to see more pictures, and links back to the original sources.

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  • Roberto De Uslar Alexander
    Love the stack stones too, but just the thought of keeping them clean sens chills all around! I´m doing mine too, this weekend in fact, but i´m going with tiles
  • Nicki Parrish @ Sweet Parrish Place
    These are pictures of backsplashes that I think are cool. I am planning a paint treatment on mine! I will share when I am finished with it!
  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    the white subway tiles are my favorite.
  • June Mcnamara
    June Mcnamara Banner Elk, NC
    A client of mine did the stacked stone, she had a variety of sizes for interest. She had problems keeping clean. Finally we tried spraying on Greece buster and let it de solve and run down the rocks to paper towels on the countertop. She still does not
  • Terra Gazelle
    Terra Gazelle Springfield, LA
    I am doing glass mosaics...bring some bling to the kitchen and easy to clean with a little windex. That stacked stone looks like it would be a pain to clean fireplace is stacked stone and I take a brush to it, but I do not have to try to get grease
Nicki Parrish @ Sweet Parrish Place