Backyard Escapes 01.10.14

Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Heart Wreath

Using supplies from Dollar Tree and a little glitter, I made a cute (and inexpensive) Valentine's Day wreath. Step by Step Tutorial on the blog.

To see more: http://www.serendipityrefined.com/2013/01/dollar-tree-valentines-day-heart-wreath.html

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  • Marcy Southfield, MI
  • V Valencia Downey, CA
    Serendipity R I was looking for a Valentine wreath and came across yours. It is very cute and creative....who would have thought to use these items to make a wreath!
  • V Valencia Downey, CA
    Serendipity R I looked at your instructions and was wondering if you can explain how after you untied the poof, how did you wrap and glue the material on to the wreath form?
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