Metal candle candelabra (aka: candle tree with mulitiple arms) to be decorated with my seashell collection from FL.

Make It!! 07.30.13
The base candelabra is white with branches & leaves with antiqued gold on the ends. I separated my shells in order of size. I knew I wanted some white, blues, and bronze or gray colors to accent my bathroom. Since I don't plan to use the candles I'll add small silk flowers,beads,some funky dangling earrings and a tassel or braided shear fabric as swags. I've painted a few shells and hot glued into place. Anyone have any ideas? I'm just designing as I go........nothing special just a indoor project since it's cold outside. Will post my before and afters. 1/31/13
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $10.0 Difficulty: Easy

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