Shower and Tub Cleaner

This is a quick and easy way to keep your shower clean in just two minutes a day.Just get a dish washing wand and fill the dispenser half with vinegar and half with liquid dish soap. Keep it in the shower. That way everything is ready to go. When you get in, wet the sponge, and scrub away. Next, well, take a shower. That's it. I do a little section of the shower each day and work my way around the whole area about twice a week.

If the mixture gets thick, just add a little water. Also, I would caution that it is important to rinse well, and keep out of eyes as you would any cleanser.


Time: 2 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.madefrompinterest.net/2013/01/31/super-simple-shower-and-tub-cleaner/

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  • Thank you Patricia, that is what I thought, i love the look of the natural stone/tile but up-keep is a little for sensitive than good old porcelain tile LOL thanks again!!
  • Dampen a soft cloth With Cleaner

    Wipe Walls and Tub paying attention to all seams

  • Please help! I was cleaning my acrylic or fiberglass tub?

    I used scrubbing bubbles.

  • Marjorie Seybert Titusville, PA
    • Theresa J Douglasville, GA
      Marjorie Seybert I use this as well, but I heat itin the microwave for 90 seconds before using. It makes it turn to a gel when you spray it on and it is very effective on grout. I use it
  • Josephine Alamogordo, NM
    Am definitely going to try this on tile and shower glass door. And, tub and tile.TODAY!
  • Peggy L Griffin, GA
    I have someone that cleans my house every other week. He cleans my Acrylic shower stall with Clorox Clean Up Spray, rinses & then, while still damp, resprays it & allowes it to dry... As I shower, the spray is released over & over again until the next
  • Lynda Evans Sandusky, OH
    I use cheap shampoo cleans really well and does not hurt the finish
  • Does anyone use just vinegar and water to mop tile floors? If so do u like it?

    • Theresa J Douglasville, GA
      Jeanie W I have, Jeanie W , and I do like it, but if you add just 3-4 drops of original Dawn to the water, you will like it even better, I'll bet. That's what I use all the time.
    • Dyanna Russell El Mirage, AZ
      Jeanie W Yes, I have since I moved to an all tile house, love it that its natural and no harmful chemicals.
  • Cathy W Portland, OR
    Anyone ever cleaned flocked wallpaper? Yes, I still have some in the bathroom... And it has gathered dust and hairspray etc. on it! It is white and white and really don't want to mess it up. Help!
  • Dyanna Russell El Mirage, AZ
    Yes, I tried it so far it been working but not slippery when I clean while I shower..