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  • Supernewf Canada
    You can also grow plants from apple and orange seeds.
  • Andrea Mesa, AZ
    I need to know what all plants are in the pics...besides the obvious. BTW, how did you grow the pineapple?
  • if you go to the article you can get all the names and instructions.
  • Barb R Roseland, FL
    instead of using the toothpick method I have begun using the glass rocks we have around us adding the water and when roots appear then I have my plant ready to go and it's pretty too!
  • Frances Watson Summerville, SC
  • Lori Morton Minford, OH
    I went to the page and clicked on several articles but none of them work, just takes me back to the home page :(
  • Eq4bits Hemphill, TX
    Clicking: http://blackthumbgardener.com/1-plants-you-g... results in a '404 Not Found' page, as well as the 'continue reading' link on the 'preview' of the entry on this: http://blackthumbgardener.com/page/2/ page.
  • Joe S New York, NY
    This is so cool! How do you grow the mushrooms?
  • Dianahodson United Kingdom
    any idea how i can find info. on sowing from fruit seeds/pips ??
  • Mikell Paulson Silverdale, WA
    I grew the mushrooms! They came in a kit and I just followed the directions. I had lots of mushrooms for several years!
  • Lorraine Edwards Wilmington, DE
    I saw this method of growing a pineapple from the top of a store bought one. http://www.ehow.com/how_4846312_grow-pineapp...
  • Cynthia Dawsonville, GA
    Thanks for sharing. Going to try and grow some new veggies to enjoy.
  • Kim Curry-Koterba Hollywood, FL
    cut the top off the pineapple & plant. Keep watering even if the leaves look like it's dying. Plant needs to grow for a year before it's ready to grow a pineapple. Then only 1 pineapple per year, but oh soooo SWEET.
  • I've done the pineapple, the plant is now nearly 2 years old so hopefully will have a fruit next year
  • Jeanette Bradenton, FL
    Add to this post...i finally got to eat my pinapples sweet and delicious