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  • Debbi C Prattville, AL
    So unique and stunning! I love it!
  • Sue A De Forest, WI
    Love it!
  • Bev Ritch Baker City, OR
    Just curious if you glazed after, or used polyurathane to seal?
  • Kate F New Britain, CT
    I haven't yet but plan on sealing it somehow. I need to re-touch a cople of spots first in preparation for the sealer. I probably won't poly it 'cause I want the top to have a satin finish - not too shiny!
  • Joline Cosman Winooski, VT
    I was hoping for more in-production pictures, and more explanation. What is Indian Inlay technique mean ??? Time consuming ? Please detail for us non-stencillers... :)
  • Becky Blair, NE
    Joline, the stencil mimics Indian bone inlay patterns. You can see an example of real bone inlay linked below.
  • Kate F New Britain, CT
    Yes Joline, just like the tray shown in Becky's link and the table below. Indian Inlay - if you remember those little trinket boxes that you could buy in hippie boutiques with essential oils etc, that have a Morrocan carved & bone inlay designs on the
  • Kate F New Britain, CT
    Joline - here's anothe link to try..... http://www.domesticimperfection.com/2012/07/...
  • Kate F New Britain, CT
    To Joline - I purchased several different kinds of stencils - some came in small sizes with sticky backs and some in long 15 -18" lengths so I began around the outer edge and worked my way inward by having a style in mind that i saw on the link I
  • Tami @ Curb Alert! Houston, TX
    very pretty.
  • Joline Cosman Winooski, VT
    WOW !!! Very interesting !!! I see that this is just a sort of copy of that... Love your work !!!!!!! to Becky Blair, NE
  • Kate F New Britain, CT
    Today I did the touch-ups and fixed a couple of messy spots and then finished the front. Here's the finished product.
  • Jennifer G Clifton, CO
    So pretty!
  • Debra Seymour, CT
    Do you have a regular email site that we can visit or get email on your updates and new projects that you do? I am so happy to find someone from Ct. as I also live in Ct., all of the sites that I follow are from the south and can not visit there stores
    • Kate F New Britain, CT
      Debra I do not. I was laid off two years ago and filled my time with projects. I pick up pieces at tag sales flea markets and on the side of the road. Some I have sold on Craigslist - some I redo