Stenciled/painted furniture

Crafts and DiYs 01.04.16
Purchased in Savers for $14. - Stenciled in Indian inlay technique - time consuming and tedius - but like the result. Needs touch-ups.

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  • Debra
    Debra Seymour, CT
    Do you have a regular email site that we can visit or get email on your updates and new projects that you do? I am so happy to find someone from Ct. as I also live in Ct., all of the sites that I follow are from the south and can not visit there stores
    • Kate F
      Kate F New Britain, CT
      Debra I do not. I was laid off two years ago and filled my time with projects. I pick up pieces at tag sales flea markets and on the side of the road. Some I have sold on Craigslist -
  • Jaypeeinaz
    Jaypeeinaz Melbourne, FL
    This project is far from simple I have to say!
  • Kate F
    Kate F New Britain, CT
    yes the top took some time but I love the result.
  • Jacalyn
    Jacalyn Clearwater, FL
    Well worth your effort! It is gorgeous!
  • Eric Turner
    Eric Turner Saint Matthews, SC
    very nice
Kate F