Custom Guest Cottage

For the Garden 02.12.15
14'x16' guest cottage designed to complement a 1910 bungalow in Tampa, FL. The cottage is set on brick piers, has a 5-Vcrimp metal roof, cypress siding and Craftsman design elements. It has a studio
  • Historic Shed
    Historic Shed Brooksville, FL
    Thank you. Have you looked at our website? Or feel free to give us a call.
  • Brizzian_Faith
    I want to say thank you for posting it. From the plan until it finished it was so great. I want to see more photos of your plan and how it looks like.The only thing that I can do for you as to this moment is to recommend you to visit this site
  • Barbara R
    Barbara R Houghton Lake, MI
    Wish we could see the inside.
  • Nora Q
    Nora Q Milbridge, ME
    I want one!
  • Donna C
    Donna C Manchester, NH
    Would rather have a kitchenette rather than storage or as someone else said an outdoor kitchen.
    • Historic Shed
      Historic Shed Brooksville, FL
      Donna C The original plan includes a kitchenette, but this customer planned to have her guests join her for meals in the main house so she opted for storage/ laundry room.
  • Sue
    Sue Sparta, MI
    I really like this college, I could live in these. Good job.
  • Stacie A
    Stacie A Hillsboro, MO
    This would be amazing for my daughter to come stay in when she's she has more privacy. What a view she would have from her window!
  • Robert Lusnia
    Robert Lusnia Toms River, NJ
    Like to have this as a workshop!
  • F. barwick
    F. barwick Spring Hill, FL
    OMGoodness! was so impressed then I saw it was adapted from a 1910 bungalow in Tampa, FL. We live in Spring Hill, have son that is detective with HCSO in Tampa - wanted address so he could go by & look @ it. Upon clicking to see the video found
  • Sondra
    Sondra Lincoln, NE
    Love this. What is the cost to build, with kitchenette?
    • Historic Shed
      Historic Shed Brooksville, FL
      Sondra I tell people to plan about $115-125 per square foot for a finished cottage with plumbing and electric. Of course, you can drive the price up or down depending on your finish choices.
  • Mary Del Buono
    Mary Del Buono Daytona Beach, FL
    you must consult with town first...sewer or septic??? bathroom??? electricity??? I was just cute...
    • Historic Shed
      Historic Shed Brooksville, FL
      Mary Del Buono In this case, the owner was able to tie in to the existing home's systems - even running the hot water off the existing heater in the house. This cottage had to
  • Carol M
    Carol M Gig Harbor, WA
    What a good idea! I too would like to see the inside.
  • Donald Wojtaszek
    Donald Wojtaszek Louisville, KY
    I wonder if it's controlled by a property management association? You know they would screw the good part all up!

  • Gloria Schlender
    Gloria Schlender Austin, TX
    A Murphy-type bed would allow room for work/visitors during day. Have seen set ups where desk/table was attached flat against bottom of bed to be opened out when bed closed.
  • Beth Bleas
    Beth Bleas Powell, OH
    I would love to see the inside all dressed up !
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