Will it hurt to prune back knockout roses a bit, at this time of year?

  • Karen G
    Karen G Palm Bay, FL
    Even my 6 year old knockouts suffer in the summer heat...pruned them about 3 weeks ago and they are leafing out, looking great. I topdress the bed with compost too. With our sandy soil, nutrients leach out fast. Also sprayed on Maxicrop.
  • Garden Rebel / Sims Landscaping, Co.
    I have over 400 Knock Out Roses planted throughout the garden. As long as you prune to shape and are not too agressive then you will be fine. Be sure to fertilize with rose fertilizer and bone meal and epsom salts. As long as they are fed and watered in
  • Mike and Anne
    Mike and Anne Raleigh, NC
    In the Raleigh we have already started pruning knockout roses, so you should be fine. By the way we are getting reports of rose rosette disease in knockout roses in North Carolina. Not a good sign for this popular variety.
  • Mike and Anne
    Mike and Anne Raleigh, NC
    Knock Outs get pruned back after the first hard freeze - if you are going to prune them. Leave the plants at at least 2 feet in height. They do not have to be cut back but they can get much larger than many people realize. Most gardeners in our area are
  • Carole
    Carole Douglasville, GA
    Thanks all, I thought the proper time to prune Knock Out Roses was after the first boolms of spring. Also I appreciate the infor on leaving them about 2 feet high. I only have about 6 but will prune mine today
Corinne B