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"How-to" Use Decorative Rollers

Here is a fabulous tool for creating pattern and design in your decorative finishes! For additional information on working with the rollers, please check out my blog post: http://studiojrenee.com/2014/08/24/pattern-rollers-another-obsession/
  • Jennifer Ferguson Decorative Pattern Rollers
These decorative pattern rollers are so much fun to work with - you can roll through just about any material and shown in the video.
Here is the finished sample from the Video - I used a tinted Metallic Plaster and troweled a sheer layer over the pattern that was created with the Simplicity roller.
They can be used on many different surfaces as seen in the photo above - creating furniture and cabinetry finishes - Crocodile Pattern roller and Artsy Leaf roller were used.
The Crocodile roller was used by Angie Stewart of RockStar Glam House to create this side table!
This finish was created using the Artsy Leaf roller and several different textures.
You will absolutely love working with these rollers - so many different possibilities - it's endless :) Check out my web site for the complete collection!

To see more: http://www.artisticpaintingstudio.com/shop/tools/rollers/2/

  • Kayte
    Kayte Sandia Park, NM

    Love this! Thanks for sharing it here!

    • Jennifer Weber Ferguson
      Jennifer Weber Ferguson Huntington Beach, CA

      Kayte - this style roller is designed for a negative process - meaning you apply a texture, paint or glaze to the surface and the roller is printing/removing that medium. I you are looking to do a positive style technique and roll on a paint or

  • Patricia
    Patricia Lebanon, OH

    The rollers look like so much fun! I can't wait to find the right project to try this on. I will definitely be on the look out!!!!!

    • Jennifer Weber Ferguson
      Jennifer Weber Ferguson Huntington Beach, CA

      I hope you find the perfect piece! You will love working with the rollers - more fun than you can imagine!!!

  • Kay Martin

    I really think it is nice.I would love to get me some of these rollers and try them.You did a great job.

  • Zestymac

    Just one. Shipping cost seems way out of line for the size and weight of the roller.

    • Jennifer Weber Ferguson
      Jennifer Weber Ferguson Huntington Beach, CA

      If the shipping comes in lower - we adjust before charging our customers - but most boxes are over 1 pound and run $12 to $13 for postage alone, we still need to cover the box, tape, label, etc. - you can see about ordering through my account on

  • Sharon Helbling Lawler

    With certain designs on the rollers, do you ever have to line up your design with the previous row so they match up?

    • Jennifer Weber Ferguson
      Jennifer Weber Ferguson Huntington Beach, CA

      Sharon - sorry for my delay, just saw your message. Some of the designs have to be lined up to match, but most do not......I don't even try! :)

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