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Should I Paint That Brick Fireplace?.... YES!

I walked passed this tired fireplace for 16 years. It really needed some love. I cleared it off, vacuumed it down and we got busy.
First off. It was time to get rid of the brass. It should've been done a long time ago. We started by taping off the glass and anything else that you don't want coated with spray paint. We used Rust-oleum High Heat Spray Paint in Black.
That alone made a huge difference!
using just a couple of primers I had in the garage, we did a light coat - followed by the Glidden White semi gloss, as you can see on the upper body. We planned on using glass tile on the main body and we were undecided as to the need to paint it or not. Some of the tiles were clear and they would need to have a mortar base anyway.
This is the end result! FOR ANOTHER FINISHED RESULT - CHECK MY BLOG! (Link at the bottom). We absolutely love that this fireplace is no longer a "pass by"...Thank you for stopping by and for sharing! For more information on this project, I would love for you to visit my blog!
For those asking for a picture from the front. Sorry about the yellow lighting as there are 2 big picture windows to the right of it...Thank you for your comments. :)

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