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  • Tiffany Mitchell Lexington, KY
    Rachel Medina thank you! :D
  • Sue A De Forest, WI
    The barn wood table and modern chairs are awesome! I love the whole look:)
  • Sherrie Nixa, MO
  • Jean Butte, MT
    I got the shivers, it's so beautiful!
  • Kate F New Britain, CT
    I have always wanted to achieve the exquisite balance between vintage and updated pieces. You have done it beautifully. I would probably put a few more colorful pieces here and there.
  • Tiffany Mitchell Lexington, KY
    Kate F - I agree!! A few touches of color would be beautiful!
  • Donna Saint Peters, MO
  • Jen R Lansing, MI
    beautiful. I love the mix of vintage and modern and the warm feel of the soft hues. Thanks for sharing and a bit of drooling
  • Tiffany Mitchell Lexington, KY
    Jen R I enjoyed shooting at FKM soooo much! I'll definitely be posting more from them! They update the shop every couple months. :)
  • Pieced Pastimes Kingston, NH
    Beautiful! Heading over to your blog to see more.
  • Suzy H Greensboro, NC
    Beautiful photos and a great topic. Headed over to your blog to read more!
  • Tiffany Mitchell Lexington, KY
    @Suzy H thank you so much!! :)
  • Tiffany Mitchell Lexington, KY
    @Pieced Pastimes thank you!! :D
  • These are beautiful pics! I visited your blog and I love your style! Great eye candy too! :)
  • Tiffany Mitchell Lexington, KY
    @Ellora thank you so much!! I'm so glad you like it!! :D