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  • Grannypaula
    Grannypaula Angier, NC

    you can also use i cup of water in same container with 3 drops of dish soap . micro 1 min and wipe down .

  • Gay Young
    Gay Young Barboursville, VA

    I have used a quarter or half lemon in the boiling water with no vinegar with good results. I get the willies over using the lemon cut in a restaurant in my water or tea but when arrives unbidden, I wrap it up and tuck in my purse to cart home and

  • Nyla
    Nyla New Zealand

    I just put cup water in microwave and bring to boil ... then wipe out steamed interior ... works for me an no extra cost

  • Lynn Gentile Prehm
    Lynn Gentile Prehm Plainfield, IL

    I disinfect my sponges and do this in one swoop. Take the kitchen sponge - pour vinegar on it - place in microwave for 2 minutes - be careful takeing it out then wipe microwave with paper towel - and your sponge is disinfected too!

  • Sandie
    Sandie Harvard, IL

    You can also. Use vinegar to clean toilets and take hard water spots off fish tank plants.and if tanks is bad empty and soak with vinegar and water overnight, also great for if you have pans that were overcooked