• Linda Scoville
    Linda Scoville Stanton, MO
    When I wash my towels and microfiber dish mats I use vinegar in the softener dispencer of my washing machine and add an extra rinse. My towels come out of the dryer soft, fluffy, with no vinegar smell and they are super absorbent, unlike when using
  • Michelle Griffin
    To deodorize it, after you wipe the microwave out, add 1/8c of lemon juice to the vinegar water, and put it back in the microwave long enough for it to boil. Leave it in there without opening it for 15 minutes. After that remove the cup of liquid and
  • Dee
    Dee Newport News, VA
    Lemon juice diluted will get rid of burnt, fish and onion smells in the microwave.
  • Karen Rosetta Welch-Sennie
    I never knew! My microwave is due for a thorough cleaning. I'm going to try this.


  • Grannypaula
    grannypaula Angier, NC
    you can also use i cup of water in same container with 3 drops of dish soap . micro 1 min and wipe down .
Christina Falcon