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Making A Chest Look Like Mackenzie-Child's Furniture

You can take your furniture from drab to fab...with a little bit of work. :)
I received this sweet little chest from a friend who wanted to create a whimsical fun piece to have in her home. Originally it came to me in a grey distressed paint. Quickly I gave it a coat of paint in a soft ivory.
The chest had the most adorable curves and lines to it that we had to make it special. So my friend, who adores checks, gave me an idea of what she was looking for. I started by checking the front in colors that worked with her home palette on the front drawers and then around the top of each side.
I loved working on this fun little piece and knew I was going to have a hard time giving it back. The checks take some time, but with practice, it gets easier. :)
Using the same colors in the checks on the front, I created stripes to go around the bottom of the chest.
Then I thought that i would gold leaf the feet and bring in a pop of turquoise. I also added some gold leaf to a little piece on each side. If you don't know how to gold leaf, you can look at my blog post http://locksleylane.blogspot.com/search?q=gold+leaf#.VaQ2lChkXjY (you may have to paste this into your browser)
Gold leafing adds a really special touch to furniture. Don't be afraid to try it!
Then I checked the top to match the bottom checks and the piece was complete.
Sometimes it more fun to be creative. Give it a try and let me know if I can help!

To see more: http://locksleylane.blogspot.com/2015/07/alice-in-wonderland-chest-completed.html#links

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