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Lombardy Poplars

This is a "warning" post. I had planted a row of these about 4 years ago, with the intention of blocking out the neighbor behind us. Our 6 foot privacy fence, on a slope, was only about 5 feet in reality. True to their information, they do grow extremely fast and provide excellent privacy. Within 3 years they were about 15 feet tall.
Unfortunately, we spent last summer trying to exterminate them. The roots are VERY invasive. I found a root up against our above ground pool, and my pool means much more to me than privacy. I didn't need roots poking up through the vinyl liner.
The way we got rid of them was to cut them down, and then spend the entire summer applying TORDON stump killer to the shoots. There were shoots everywhere, even 15 feet up into the yard, in every direction. The drought we had last year was a blessing in disguise for us, because it helped in preventing more roots, since they like water. Tordon works fantastically in immediately killing the shoot.
So, if you like these and want to plant, I would suggest you do it out on the back 40 where it won't bother anything.
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  • Patricia Baker
    Patricia Baker Lancaster, KY

    I have heard they grow fast but they also die fast. is this true?

  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL

    They rarely live longer than 20 years, Patricia. That's a very short-lived tree.

  • Verlee Deana Norris Jenkins

    Yes, Douglas, that is what I was going to add...they are short-lived. Guess that's why they send up so many shoots!

  • Una Ann Seckler
    Una Ann Seckler Chuckey, TN

    I don't think they will make good firewood either. Ours had just reached about 8 feet tall and were doing very well when the neighbor whose propane tank we wanted to break sprayed all the roots and shoots with concentrated round up and killed the

  • Christine
    Christine Barryville, NY

    I planted these trees 15 years ago & wish I didn't. The roots have produced new trees that have broken through my blacktop & destroyed my driveway, the original trees are over 100 feet from the off shoots because each offshoot produced it's own root

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