Is it true that rabbits won't eat violas?

I'm about to lose a whole pansy bed due to hungry rabbits, and someone told us that we could try violas instead. Can't afford it this year, but maybe next fall.
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  • There are several animal repellants available now-a-days Becky. You don't have to wait, check out the "Critter Ridder" series...here's one for rabbits! Beats "Wabbit Hunting!..." anyday best to ya! Let us know what you think! JL
  • Erica Glasener Atlanta, GA
    Becky, I plant mostly Violas and the rabbits seem to like them.

    But, If your rabbits are anything like the ones that visit my garden, they eat the flowers and last year all my plants

  • Becky G Roswell, GA
    Thank you for the ideas, and the list of plants rabbits don't like. This is an annual bed - and I was hoping to have color right through to spring. I might try the repellent - and then look for something else for next fall's planting.
  • Kimberly Lacy Snellville, GA
    Hey Becky! Here are a few additional natural items that you can use to keep rabbits away. Try chili powder, ground black and hot peppers (as Erica mentioned), wood ashes, even dog hair. You can also try onion or garlic. If you're still having a tough
  • Cheryl A Dacula, GA
    try sprinking red pepper flakes on the pansies, it won't hurt the plant and I know it works with raccoons, rats, chipmunks and squirrels. I go to the dollar store and buy the red pepper flakes and use them year round on my plants
  • Erica Glasener Atlanta, GA
    Cheryl, I agree, I get the red pepper flakes at Trader Joe's!
  • Becky G Roswell, GA
    Ok - I went ahead and bought a ready to spray - Repels-All animal repellant at our local nursery. It has dried blood (yuk) and garlic. It smells strongly of garlic/onion. It is supposed to last 2 months and won't wash off in the rain. I sprayed the
  • I am going to get some. Thanks! usually my kitties keep the rabbits at bay However, I have not been letting them out much since there were two coyote sitings and one bear around my neighborhood. We usually don't hear of any coyotes past September.
  • Erica Glasener Atlanta, GA
    Good tip on the Repels All Animal repellent. Now if I can just keep the dog away from it, he seems drawn to all and anything he can eat.