How to Paint Your Lampshade

3 days ago
With just a few easy tricks up your sleeve, you can paint any lampshade and achieve a perfect, even finish. No one will ever know it was painted!
Time: 20 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada
    This looks good! I dyed mine with RIT years ago...pre-Internet..The colour still looks okay, albeit faded somewhat...The water wasn't the best thing for it though. :D
  • Colorado
    colorado Palm Desert, CA
    They have fabric paint at Hobby Lobby...Spraying was a breeze...Just tape off and cover inside for over spray....But I like your color and more to choose from...Nice (oh and look for coupons online for HL)
  • Lharrison1959
    lharrison1959 Cypress, CA
    I tried this, but the shade ended up not allowing any light to shine through. Looks good in the daylight, tho!
  • Colorado
    colorado Palm Desert, CA
    Hummm.....the lampshade i have does have a silver lining inside, so maybe that helps?..
  • Michelle Pratt
    Michelle Pratt Schroon Lake, NY
    Most craft store's sell in with the Acrylic paints a small bottle of different mixtures to add o your paint. Much cheaper.
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