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Looking For a Fun Idea for A DIY Hook?

When we remodeled the upstairs bathroom....we were trying to repurpose and reuse as much as possible.
We used old locker baskets to hold towels and made a display out of trophies old lobster buoys and vintage signs.
And I found a set of croquet mallets at a yard sale and transformed them into hooks for the bathroom. Check out the pictures below for step-by-step instructions!
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $5.00 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.thistlewoodfarms.com/easy-diy-project-croquet-mallet-hook

Ask the creator about this project

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Feb 4, 2013

    This is brilliant. Every bit of it. :)

  • 3popps
    on Feb 4, 2013

    Agreed. And really fun. I thought those were croquet mallets, but I wasn't sure until I read your piece. Also, I am guessing that these hooks hold a towel better than many small hooks available at hardware stores and such, which are almost flat, and even little baby towels often fall off.

  • Love this! Our whole family is very much into playing croquet. This would be a great project if I could find some unwanted mallets somewhere...

  • Bette
    Bette Marquette, MI
    on Dec 2, 2014

    I have my husband's set as a kid in the 50's that is falling apart. This would be a great idea!

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