Legend of Zelda inspired her room

My granddaughter loves the video game Legend of Zelda. So we used it for inspiration when we put her room together. Her bunk bed is Hyrule castle. She loves it and there is nothing better than hearing all her friends proclaim that she has the coolest room ever! Everything in her room was made/re-purposed for her room. Her toy box was her great grandparents dresser. Her bunk beds were made to fit along the wall with room at one end on the bottom for her books and the top for her art supplies. The door hides the ladder and her stuffed animals.
Time: 3 Weeks Cost: $300 Difficulty: Moderate
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  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    That is the coolest room ever. Also, there's still Legend of Zelda? I'm guessing you're not talking about the same game I played on an old NES when I was 10 or something.
  • Lori Choman Auburn, GA
    Thanks Steve! Actually there is still a Legend of Zelda. It doesn't look like the game we played on the old NES but it's the same game. My son (7) has Link's room. The kids both play the game and went as Link and Zelda for Halloween. My son looks like he
  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    I don't have a Wii. I still have an NES, and that's my only video game system, and the only game that works on the system is Super Mario Bros., which I still play every once in a while during a winter workout.
  • Lori Choman Auburn, GA
    Wow a working NES! You have a gold mine! BTW...I posted the Link version of the bedroom. :) They love Mario too. I'm so glad they went with Zelda and not Mario though!
  • Lori Choman Auburn, GA
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