Upcycle a Cheap Door Mirror

DIY shit 01.31.16
You know those cheap plastic framed door mirrors that you can find at just about any big box store? I had a couple of them and thought they'd look great as "windows" above my nightstands if I could make them look better. I've had this vision in my head for a couple years and this past week, those mirrors finally got their glam makeover. A full tutorial is on the blog on how to make this, but to sum it up, I added an inexpensive door mirror to a larger MDF base, added molding around the edge of the MDF, then added some decorative X-molding to the mirror. To finish it, I taped off the mirror, spray painted it metallic silver, then added "jewels" to the center of the Xs as a final touch. For the full tutorial and to see this as part of our bedroom makeover, visit me at the blog link http://www.lilikoijoy.com/2013/02/upcycle-doo... #diymirror
Cost: $45 Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://www.lilikoijoy.com/2013/02/upcycle-door-mirror-from-drab-to-fab.html

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  • Georginalove1
    Love this idea Sharon ! How clever are you ??? Many thanks , Georgina Love UK .
  • Jandpbaxley
    Have you ever seen these cheap mirrors with the edge covered in fabric?

    The mirrors are glued to closet doors but wanted to dress them up a bit with the same fabric as the

  • Teri Brewer Maue
    Teri Brewer Maue Saint Louis, MO
    This is very classy. I love it. It has a real WOW factor!!!
  • Mary Ellen Gazay
    Mary Ellen Gazay Ballico, CA
    I love this idea with my own twist and I think I will add broken dishes or cups with the same colors to finish off the frame to reflect my bedroom quilt. I think there are many other finishes that can customize anyone's space. Thank you for sharing your
  • Chris Mullican
    Chris Mullican Mc Minnville, TN
    so pretty,very nice!
Sharon @ Lilikoi Joy