Mason Jar Chandelier

georgia craftt 3 days ago

My DIY hubby did a great job of taking a throw away 10-light brass chandelier with shades and turning it into a beautiful mason jar chandelier and anchor piece for our kitchen redo.
The little platforms around the fake candles were the perfect size to accommodate the rings for the mason jars (clear quart size). He began by hot gluing the rings upside down onto the platforms. Painter's caulk was used to smooth out the transition between ring and platform and a 40-watt chandelier bulb was chosen to eliminate any heating concerns.
He applied an aerosol primer over everything (minus jars) first and then top-coated with a gloss white aerosol. Next, and probably messiest part, was caulking around the rings. The accent color (Annie Sloan chalk paint leftover from our china hutch project) was 2 coats of paint applied to the rings and arms. The perfect last touch was adding a dimmer switch for lighting variations. Score one for my hubby Tim!
Stop by my blog to see a precise tutorial on my new favorite project!
Cost: $30 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Debbie
    Debbie Las Vegas, NV
    This is very different with the mason jars bottom up. Most I have seen are the kind you have to point them bottom down. I like this one better!
  • Josephine Howland
    Josephine Howland Conway, NH
    I'm working on a similar (but only 5 light) fixture, just reversed colors, I painted my center light blue, and my light arms white. Thanks for sharing your project, it proves that I'm not crazy after all. Well ok I might still be a bit crazy.
  • Heather
    Heather Tooele, UT
    This looks great!!!
  • Kelly
    Kelly Canada
  • Rebecca Crawford Burk
    Rebecca Crawford Burk San Angelo, TX
    if you use 40watt bulbs or the swirly looking energy savers will this eliminate the need for drilling holes in the glass?
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