When faced with rotten wood ends and you don't need to replace the whole piece of wood, epoxy wood filler is a very

Awesome Remodels 07.09.14
  • Jim P
    Jim P Fairburn, GA
    I have a job like this to do. I plan to replace the wood. I bought replacement door jams from Lowe's that are treated. I will use a 2 part reson glue to bond the wood and also biscuits to make sure every thing is lined up. Thanks for the tip of killing
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    That sounds like a good plan, Jim. Be sure to caulk around the bottom well to prevent the same scenario from occuring.
  • Culpepper Carpets and Interiors, Inc.
    I thought you were in the Alps???
  • Margaret M
    I had the rotted wood replaced and then had the door frames wrapped in aluminium. No more problems
  • HomeSpot HQ
    HomeSpot HQ Durham, NC
    Such a cool idea!
Peace Painting Co., Inc.