Desk Makeover with Contact Paper

My husband wasn't supporting my idea to paint this table's legs white for my office workspace so I improvised and created the look I was after with removable contact paper!

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  • Connie K
    Connie K Kennesaw, GA
    Melinda, years ago (more than I am willing to admit) I used contact paper to cover the shades in my kitchen. This was way before you could buy the kits. It worked great and was very inexpensive. Since then, I have used it many time for all kinds of
  • Rhonda S
    Rhonda S Seattle, WA
    Anybody got a great idea for top on a chest that's laminate cherry? It's too deep for the dresser scarf idea (about 3 ft. wide X 2.5 deep) and besides, the cats would destroy that. I can't do contact paper--I'm severely allergic to the backing
    • Jeanette S
      Jeanette S Canada
      Rhonda S try fabric, adhere it with a flour-and-water paste. cut your fabric to the right size, soak it for a few seconds in the paste, squeeze/wring it out, place it on the
  • .
    . Albert, OK
    Rhonda, you can always give it a bit of a sanding, the prime and paint it. Or easier yet, use one of the spray paints for plastic. You'd have to mask and cover the rest of the dresser, but it would work well.
  • Rhonda S
    Rhonda S Seattle, WA
    Thanks! I'm wondering if there's a way to tile it with some of that tile that mimics wood. It's an old RCA Victor cabinet.
  • .
    . Albert, OK
    Rhonda S here are sticky back tiles that have the look of wood. They're not all very realistic looking, but some are not too bad.

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