A Vintage Ironing Board Turned Welcome Sign

Up Cycles N Repurposing 11 minutes ago
I picked up this old ironing board and just knew it could be something wonderful! After tossing around several different ideas, I settled on one.. turning it into a welcome sign for our front porch.

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  • Jenlove
    Jenlove Wallace, SC
    So creative! Just awesome
  • Norma Jean
    Norma Jean Cottontown, TN
    I'm doing one in chalk paint so that I can change the wording with the seasons.
  • Carole
    Carole Australia
    I was given one of these old boards by a neighbour who was going back home to New Zealand and had to travel light. It has a metal frame (black) I did wonder what to do with it, but now I know! I will either go with the word Welcome as here and put in
  • Drdyson1204
    I think I love it!
  • McCall Hazelson
    McCall Hazelson Phoenix, AZ
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