A Vintage Ironing Board Turned Welcome Sign

box planters 04.20.15
I picked up this old ironing board and just knew it could be something wonderful! After tossing around several different ideas, I settled on one.. turning it into a welcome sign for our front porch.

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  • Kelly
    Kelly Atwater, CA
    Awesome! I have one of those and was wondering what I could do with it. Now, I have a plan :)
  • Claire @ The Rustic Pig
    Claire @ The Rustic Pig Spring Branch, TX
    Tina Garbutt ... I totally get that!! I pick up "junk" all the time. You just never know!! Luckily, my hubby is right there with me picking up junk. Typically I don't have a clue as what to do with what he picks up!
  • Elizabeth Riepenhoff
    I have an old ironing board...all natual wood!...You wouldn't believe it....I got it at a garage sale for $2.oo...ི♥..ha..lucky buy!
  • Claire @ The Rustic Pig
    Claire @ The Rustic Pig Spring Branch, TX
    Elizabeth Riepenhoff ... I am sooo jealous!!! I paid quite a bit more for my ironing board! :)
  • Dawn
    Dawn Beaver Springs, PA
    Love it!
  • Debbie
    Debbie Geneseo, IL
    I love this idea, is there a special font for the lettering?
  • Claire @ The Rustic Pig
    Claire @ The Rustic Pig Spring Branch, TX
    Hi Debbie! I used a font called Penshurst. :)
  • Debbie
    Debbie Geneseo, IL
    Thank you so much, i have an old ironing board sitting around and this is a perfect idea and I absolutely love that font.
  • Debbie
    Debbie Geneseo, IL
    Here is my new Welcome Ironing Board, thanks Claire..
  • Claire @ The Rustic Pig
    Claire @ The Rustic Pig Spring Branch, TX
    Oh Debbie!!! I LOVE it!!!!! It's so perfect!!!!! I love the green color too! Ok, guess I need to make another one! I have another ironing board sitting in my office now... just not sure what I want to do with it just yet!
  • Creative Designs & Accessories
    OMG!!!! Okay, I am hitting every antique mall or store tomorrow on the hunt for an old wooden ironing board....LOL!! Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!
  • Carol L
    Carol L Moores Hill, IN
    Hi Claire! I absolutely love your Welcome sign! May I ask what size font you used? I have collected 3 ironing boards and as soon as the weather gets better, I'm going to start on them. I always look forward to seeing your site, as you have such awesome
  • Someday
    Someday Bossier City, LA
    I have one too! Found it on the side of the road over a year ago and it's just been sitting in my garage. Now I some great inspiration to put it to some awesome new use! Thanks for posting! Looks amazing! ;)
  • Mary Barber
    Mary Barber Alamogordo, NM
    I have one with no legs..........perfect for this project.
  • Debra
    Debra Largo, FL
    So unique!!!!!
Claire @ The Rustic Pig