This is one couples solution to beautify a horrible plain white retaining wall in their back yard.

Murals 03.30.15
Not only was the wall blinding, it was an eye sore to their beautiful property. Since they could not remove it, and the cost of a remodel wasn't what they wanted, their solution was to paint their dream landscape trompe l'oeil mural. They customised the mural completely choosing the plants, mountains, fountain and even the pot and flowers growing around the outside. If you have a spot you just cant seem to find the right painting for, or a full construction and remodel arn't in your budget range, you can consider an affordable artist like myself to help you find what is right for you. No matter how large or small, we can create somthing new for you! Based out of both Boise and Orange County and serving the whole west cost! Designers are welcome to inquire and refer.
  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G Bronx, NY
    I am tired of looking on all these BEAUTIFUL pictures and things I can't help myself. lol
  • Angela G
    Angela G Englewood, FL
    hmmm....wanted to do this small scale on the wall on the side of my pool view is a bird sanctuary with a canal. Pretty enough..but a beach scene while swimming in my pool would be awesome....I would then have the best of both worlds. I have
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Sounds like a great idea, Angela. We're going to want to see photos!
  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful!
  • Gene
    Gene Lawrenceville, GA
    @Douglas - I had the same thought about a nice container plant completing the illusion. But, nice as it is.
  • Amber D
    Angela and Gene, I am enlisted on a site called not only can you see a lot more of my work, you can also find a lot of muralists just as good as me there that already live in your area. If you can't find someone in your area, than
  • Ann S
    Ann S Albany, GA
    beautiful to say the least
  • Paticia G
    Paticia G Clermont, FL
    kudos great
  • Cith A
    Cith A Hixson, TN
    wow that's spectacular!!
  • Nancy Rhodes C
    Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL
    What kind of paint did you use for the mural? Did you have the pool installed and what did it cost?
  • Sharon Richardson
    Sharon Richardson Lakeland, FL
    Great idea & beautiful work.
  • Nancy a Butcher
    Nancy a Butcher Chillicothe, OH
    This is beautiful,love it
  • Nancy Rhodes C
    Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL
    Do you use artist oils or acrylic or regular outside paint? How does your work hold up to the elements? I am sure you use a sealant.
  • Anita Roll Murals
    Anita Roll Murals Alpharetta, GA
    I love this! Beautiful work!
  • Flowerscapes Garden Design & Landscaping
    Everytime I see this post, I fall in love all over again.
Amber D