• Linda Fraine
    Linda Fraine Naples, FL
    love it!!
  • Tudyrunningwater
    Tudyrunningwater Montour Falls, NY
    very nice
  • Sandy
    Sandy Urich, MO
    What a wonderful idea! My Granddaughter lives with me and space is a huge problem, your project maybe one of our answers! Thank you!
  • Karen
    Karen Port Saint Lucie, FL
    So glad to see this done as I've been thinking of doing the same thing to add a desk to a very small space and wall just inside my laundry room. But I plan to make the desk surface fold up or down on hinges, so that when not in use, we can get by! Wish I
  • Brenda L Bennett
    Brenda L Bennett Ithaca, NY
    Working with a budget-great idea!
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