Save on Space by Turning a Bookcase into a Desk! Here's How!

Projects For Lee 06.20.15
A couple of years ago we decided our son was in need of a desk in his room but we were a bit short on space. So I took his existing bookcase and converted it to a desk while still keeping the shelves available for books and other storage. It was so easy to do! ~Vanessa

#ProudestDIY #Love2Repurpose

Time: 2 Days Cost: $40 Difficulty: Moderate
  • Bookcase Before: The shelf you see stayed in place so that the wood for the desk piece could be attached.
  • I had a piece of plywood cut to size, careful to measure to the appropriate depth for comfortable leg room. Then, it was attached using wood glue to the the shelf. Be sure you adjust the shelf to the right height!
  • I attached small square pieces of wood to the underside of the "desk" and then used spindles as the legs.
  • I then had a piece of plexi-glass cut to size to go over the top so that my son could put photos and postcards underneath and also protect the surface.
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