The Best Grout Removal Tools for Shower Tile Floors

Home DIY 05.02.15
Who else has tried cleaning their shower grout but just can't get it back to looking brand new?

Maybe I'm giving up prematurely but I've tried several tips. Plus some of our grout is falling apart.

Thus I've taken on the uneviable project of removing all the grout in our shower tile floor.

What's the best grout removal tool for this job?

An oscillating multi tool and a rectangular grout removal tool will help you remove grout lines without losing your cool (or hair, unless you're already bald-sorry).

Here are some tips

-Apply two layers of duct tape along surfaces you don't want to scratch with the tools

-Use a grout attachment with the oscillating tool

-Measure the width of your grout lines to determine the correct multi tool attachment size

Time: 8 Hours Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Home Repair Tutor
    Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    Thanks Cheryl for letting me know I made a good purchase. I've always heard great things about Bosch but this is my first tool from them. I usually go with Rigid but my brother has this same multi tool and loves it.
  • Troy Milana
    Troy Milana Las Vegas, NV
    I have to do this job as well with tile just like yours is the tool and process the same for epoxy grout? I had a similar attachment and it did not last to long I will look for the one you show. Also is it normal for water to seep out of the grout lines
  • Grout Shield Distributors
    Try color sealing the grout with the only color sealer that will work on tile grouted floors inside high moisture area,s
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    I removed grout from my shower, and removed it from the bathroom tile floor. I used a grinder. Worked like magic.
  • MarcioWilges
    MarcioWilges Australia
    Grout removal is my least favourite thing to do because I sometimes find the process almost impossible and really effort and time consuming. Normal cream cleansers that help to remove grease and grime do not do their products justice when it comes to
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