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EASY $20 Corner Bench

Need Seating for your outdoor space? I sure did. Ok so I am the queen of repurposing and salvaging things. And often I have problems throwing things out.DIY Corner Bench
So one day I’m sitting outside on my deck and I go to place my drink on my side table. It literally fell over at my very touch. Well needless to say, I didn’t expect that. Yes, that table was 10 years old and had been repainted every year for the past 5 summers, but I was sure it had at least another 2 or 3 summers left in it. So this prompted me to inspect my seating. To my surprise almost every seat that I had purchased from the thrift store and refinished (4..ok 5 years ago) had some level of dry rot. Darn, I needed to replace everything. But instead of getting down about it I took it as a sign that I needed to redecorate. So I put my thinking cap on. Problem: I needed seating. My budget:microscopic. But what I did have was a whole bunch of 2x3s that someone so graciously gave me recently because they were downsizing. So one Saturday morning while looking at the empty space where my table once stood I came up with a plan. I’ll build a simple corner bench.
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
What was left from my old table that fell apart when I placed my drink on it.
Scrap wood, This is what I had to work with. It wasn't pretty. But I was determined to make it work.
Layout the 2x3s from shortest piece to longest
All simple cuts. But I put it together.
Sanded and stained.
And there you have it. New seating for at least 5 to 6 bums...depending on the size of course ;). Best part about it...I used what I had so it was free.

To see more: http://toolboxdivas.com/2015/07/easy-diy-corner-bench.html

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