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DIY Pallet Whale Art

My aunt needed some art for a wall in her Gulf Shore's, AL condo. I couldn't turn down the chance to work with pallets and got to work on this huge five foot wide whale!
Be sure to drop anchors and relax in the imaginary (or real, depending where your reading this from) beach sun while I tell ye a swashbuckling yarn.
Avast ye! The materials you need are as follows:
Two pallets, disassembled
Sheet of 1/4” plywood (5’x3’)
Paint (blue, brown, white, grey)
Ahoy! Can’t forget the tools!
Brad Nailer
1” nails
Paint brush
The following is just a brief summary of the steps to make this Pallet Whale. Be sure to go to for the full tutorial.
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $0 Difficulty: Medium
After taking apart your pallets, start painting the stripes. We wanted thin stripes, so we used painters tape to create that look.
Next, lay out the pallets over some beadboard and nail them down from the back. You can use wood glue for more security.
I just freehanded the whale shape over the back of the bead board and then began the job of cutting it out with my jig saw.
Add some sawtooth hangers to the back and find a spot on the wall for this beauty.
I couldn’t be more pleased with how he turned out. I think there is an element of whimsy without being too silly looking. He’s got class and charm and is going to look awesome in my aunt’s condo.
Again, this was just a summary of the steps. Be sure to visit the full blog post for an in depth tutorial.

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