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Pillow Upcycled to Wreath

I love to repurpose things. And I like to think outside the box. So when I wanted to create a wreath for fall, I spotted this pillow in my stash that was destined for the trash at someone's garage sale and wondered if I couldn't use it to make one.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $4 Difficulty: Medium
This is the pillow that I chose to work with. I liked the fabric and the shearing. I didn't care for the potpourri that was in the middle of it that spilled out of the lace every time it was moved. And it would have been impossible to wash it, so I figured I could try giving it a new life as something else.
The vines to make the base for the wreath were gathered from a friend's property.
I also used some jute webbing to make another flower.
Here you can see the strips of fabric tied to the grapevine frame and the flowers. I used vintage buttons for interest.
I added the ruffles to each side and a wooden letter that I added some interest to with rust and silver bits on the edges. You can see more detailed instructions on my blog...

To see more: http://www.patinaparadise.com/2015/08/repurposed-cloth-and-webbing-wreath.html

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