• Linda G
    Linda G Atoka, TN
    not for me did you think about this frist
    • Becky C
      Becky C Stonewall, LA
      Linda G Actually, a lot of thought went into it. And I'm sorry it's not for you...we built it for us :) And our headboard has now been featured in over 10 national magazines.
    • Cindy L. Jolley
      Cindy L. Jolley Elyria, OH
      Becky C Congratulations! What an honor!!!
  • Deb Wyman
    Deb Wyman Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    Flip that tub over and use as a bench, or put glass on it and could be coffee table.
  • Stacey @ 23 White Terrace
    I think it looks pretty. Did you make your bedskirt or buy it?
  • Elle Snyder
    Ok- this isn't for me at all.. BUT.. if you're going down this road.. how about doing something more to the headboard.. maybe hang some things on it.. add a large 2 D half moon to it for example.. or faux paint on some worn signs like you used to see on
    • Helen
      Helen Mountain View, AR
      Are you being funny? That would be tacky! I think the bedroom is very cute.
    • Becky C
      Becky C Stonewall, LA
      Elle Snyder We didn't build the headboard to look like a barn. We built it to have a rustic, elegant farmhouse style. And we don't want color.
  • Carolyn Bennett Ford
    Carolyn Bennett Ford South Lake Tahoe, CA
    I like all of it, but think maybe the boards could have been a little shorter. I like the all white them and love the chandelier. You did a great job....I love seeing different ideas...thank for sharing!!
  • Denise S.
    Denise S. Temecula, CA
    I Love it! It inspired me to do more with some grey wood projects! It's a good thing not everyone likes it! That means it awesome! I love the random use and height of the wood. Its NOT predictable.. means its not boring!
  • Erin@UpcycledUgly
    Erin@UpcycledUgly Mc Kinney, TX
    Wow, this is pretty!
  • Peg Sullinger
    Peg Sullinger Medina, NY
    I love this. It would look great with a footboard also. I'm in the middle of scrounging for pieces I can put together for my bed. Slow going but some day will have what I need.
  • Mary Webb
    Mary Webb Australia
    just seen this headboard we have wood like what a great idea love it
  • Annette Montford
    Beautiful and elegant! The fabulous headboard as your statement piece in this room with the crisp white is so serene and fresh is a great combination. Please ignore the haters commenting here as they have no manners and taste. Fantastic job!
  • Janice Scully-Kovach
    Janice Scully-Kovach Manahawkin, NJ
    Looks wonderful! now considering doing something similar to this for our headboard instead of spending 100s of dollars at a furniture store! I absolutely love it!!!!
  • Sylvia Martha
    so very nice...<3
    Becky you did a great job. Very chic!
  • Raina Scura
    Raina Scura Candler, NC
    Very creative. Ignore the haters. They are rude.
  • Amy Morris
    Amy Morris Brownwood, TX
    We have pickits I would love how yo do. It
Becky C