How to Polish your Silver with Toothpaste!

christmas 11.18.15

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Have you ever heard of using toothpaste as a silver polish? This old-fashioned trick really works! I've got a few more details about it on my blog if you'd like to try it too!
Time: 15 Minutes Cost: $1 Difficulty: Easy
  • Look at that shine! Who knew toothpaste could do this?
  • I like to use toothpaste (I've used the "gel" kind also) and a toothbrush, but a soft cloth works well too.
  • Here's a before and after with two candle sticks.
  • My silver started out with a lot of tarnish!

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  • CreekLineHouse .
    Thanks, Miriam I! The old fashioned tips are always my favorites. :)
  • Carolyn_conway
    Carolyn_conway Independence, MO
    Another old fashioned tip that really works. Ketchup will clean copper beautifully!
  • Jeanie Bray Collins
    Thanks...been using tooth paste for years on my silver jewelry but never thought about my big silver !
  • Stephanie (Sandpaper & Glue)
    I do this even to some jewelry.. and i've gone the ketchup on copper a swell. it's a great trick!
  • Suzette T
    Suzette T Philadelphia, PA
    For all of us whom also own all the silver ware that goes with our beautiful sterling silver sets, I have found the fastest easiest way to clean all in no time at all. Want know uh...well I read it some where so my turn to pass it along. Put aluminum
CreekLineHouse .

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