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Pallet wood signs

Sandy diy on May 29, 2016
We took some pallets apart and made some art!
  • pallet wood signs, crafts
  • pallet wood signs, crafts
  • pallet wood signs, crafts

To see more: http://namelyoriginal.blogspot.com/2013/02/pallet-wood-sign-ideas.html

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  • Dawn Marie
    Dawn Marie Niceville, FL

    Ladies! How the heck do you attach the planks in the back????

    • Jill B
      Jill B Bismarck, ND

      @Dawn Marie I just use more pallet boards and screw them together.

  • Vbarry301

    This looks cool gonna try it :-/

  • Iwan Tachlan
    Iwan Tachlan Louisville, KY

    how i do something like that ... its awesome

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith La Jolla, CA


  • Clearissa
    Clearissa Cary, NC

    All are awesome!!! Very cute.